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  1. Why Ron Paul’s Racist Newsletters Matter →



    TW: Racism




    Ron Paul is back in the hunt for the Presidency. Many see him as an appealing candidate, one who opposes the wars, wants drugs legalized and supports fiscal responsibility. What they don’t know, is his long history of racism and connection to white supremacists. He has dodged questions on his connections to white supremacists and the newsletters, full of abhorrent racism that he put out in his name and he made millions from, spreading racism.

    There has been controversy over Ron Paul’s ties to racism for some time now. Many people have pointed to Ron Paul’s Newsletters as proof of his racism. Paul has previously admitted to writing the newsletters and defended the statements in 1996, then blamed them on an unnamed ghostwriter in 2001 and then denied any knowledge of them in 2008. He has given no explanation, for how the racism entered his newsletter and has dodged questions about them without casting blame on anyone. If we are to take Paul at his word, he is guilty of at least promoting racism on a large scale. Paul earned almost a million dollars a year from the racist, conspiracy theorist newsletters. Here are some excerpts that I’ve found.

    ron paul needlin

    In this story Ron Paul writes about “needlin” and blames packs of young black girls for spreading AIDS to white women. I could find no evidence of this “epidemic” and the article seems to have no point other than to make white people scared of Black people.

    Ron Paul MLK

    In this piece he criticizes Martin Luther King as a pro-communist philanderer and says the MLK holiday is “Hate Whitey Day.” This is in great contrast to 2008 when he told Wolf Blitzer that Martin Luther King was one of his heroes. When activists suggested naming a city after Martin Luther King Paul suggested other names such as “Welfaria,” “Zooville,” “Rapetown,” “Dirtburg,” and “Lazyopolis” He would continue:

    ron paul mlk 2

    In another piece he blamed Black people for the riots that happened in Chicago in 1992 after the Bulls won the NBA Championship

    basket ball riots

    Paul here is using false information to attack African Americans. The Washington Post reported that 1000 people were arrested but did not indicate their race. The riot, like most sports riots was multi-racial, including Blacks, white and Latinos, yet Paul used the incident to demonize African Americans. The Washington Post also reported that two officers suffered minor gunshot wounds and that 95 were injured in total, but the way Paul phrased it, it would seem most of the 95 officers injured were shot.

    ron paul blast em

    In this article Paul uses the “carjacking” epidemic to put fear into white people. He advises them to carry guns and shoot “carjackers” illegally and then dispose of their weapons. He also refers Black people as “animals” and directly refers to his home town of Lake Jackson, Texas.

    The newsletters also contained the quotes:

    opinion polls consistently show only about 5% of blacks have sensible political opinions

    if you have ever been robbed by a black teen-aged male, you know how unbelievably fleet-footed they can be,

    This is only the first skirmish in the race war of the 1990s

    Here are some of the newsletters I could find. They also contain a good deal of homophobic and Black Helicopter, New World Order conspiracy theories and warnings of upcoming in “race wars.”


    That’s mildly terrifying.

    Just gives me another reason not to wish he gets the GOP nomination, along with his negative stance on womens’ reproductive rights. I agree with his stance on the drug war and on ending US involvement in Afghanistan; that isn’t enough to make me want to support a candidate. Although, compared to the rest of the laughable, frightening GOP field, he and Jon Huntsman are the only adults in the room. And neither of them actually have a prayer of wresting a nomination that’s ultimately going to go to the utterly arrogant and myopic Willard M. Romney.

    The upcoming Iowa Caucus will be very interesting to observe.

    i am so glad there are so many smart ron paul opponents on tumblr.

    (Source: thetimeisnowenoughisenough)

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      i am so glad there are so many smart ron paul opponents on tumblr.
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      Reblog for anyone who isn’t already a Ron Paul sycophant. And these are just his personal ideals, it’s the rest of his...
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      Dammit, I was going to vote for him.
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      Just gives me another reason not to wish he gets the GOP nomination, along with his negative stance on womens’...
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      This is nauseating to read. What a fucking scumbag.
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      Racism That’s mildly terrifying.
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      what the shitting fuck.
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      not the first and hopefully not the last to say: fuck this crazy ass cracker and his racist ways
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