Ranting and Raging

General raging of the political persuasion.

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    • Prejudice: [PoC calls white person a cracker].
    • Racism: Two centuries of PoC being stolen from their homelands, driven out of their native lands, tricked, raped, infected with disease, and otherwise downtrodden so as to remove them from any chance of being the dominant race.
    • Prejudice: [PoC gives a white person a nickname playing on the fact that they're white].
    • Racism: PoC must, from the moment they realize a baby is on the way, worry about whether giving a child a name reflecting their heritage will affect their chances at a good life in the future. Hint: it will.
    • Not racism: Calling out that slavery lasted for two centuries, and civil rights did not happen for PoC until the 20th Century (you know, the century which only ended TWELVE YEARS AGO).
    • Racism: We should not talk about it, because it makes [non-PoC] feel bad.
    • Not racism: A non-PoC actor can get pretty much any role s/he wnats.
    • Racism: ... including roles that were originally written as PoC. PoC actors must settle for roles making them servants, sassy women, jive turkey men, criminals, drug addicts, or abused downtrodden prostitutes, the better to reinforce the negative mental image of PoC in the minds of the zeitgeist, and hold up the excuse that "they bring it on themselves".
    • Not Racism: Flattering pictures of people used to represent them on the web.
    • Racism: Flattering pictures of Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Bachman. But the most unflattering pic available of Michelle Obama is used for the same article.
    • Not Racism: Articles about women's features.
    • Racism: Article purporting to have scientific "proof" that Black women are uglier than women of any other race.
    • Not Racism: America is where everyone is supposed to have equal chance.
    • Racism: Equal chance? Freed slaves were lucky if they got 40 Acres and a Mule, after working for free for generations for people who are now wealthy and offered no other reparations.
    • Not Racism: Irish History Month, Italian History Month, French History Month, German History Month, etc. All of which would, technically, qualify, btw, as White History Months.
    • Racism: It's not Cameroon History Month, Nigerian History Month, Egyptian History Month, Zimbabwean History Month, Zaire History Month, Somalian History Month, etc. It's BLACK History Month. Doesn't matter what country in Africa you come from. If you're Black you just all get lumped in together.
    • Not Racism: PoC describe their experiences.
    • Racism: Non-PoC interrupt, derail, silence, mock, deride, or cite "oversensitivity" because it makes them feel uncomfortable to know that PoC have endured this, and to have to acknowledge their privilege -- and their responsibility to do something about it if they really are as anti-racist as they profess.
    • ...add your own examples.
    • Not Racism: putting an Asian actress in a role not initially written for a POC.
    • Racism: crying foul because an Asian person couldn't possibly play that role.
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